Thursday, March 3, 2011

kerana "SAYA"

kerana SAYA,
ayah selalu tegur!!!
"along, klo ade org panggil along, jawab SAYA, itu lebih baik"
"baik ayah"
I had been taught from my dad to use word SAYA if someone is calling you...
and I had been told to use SAYA in my daily life...
its a proper way to express urself....
tp sumtimes kebiasaanye, johorian bhsekn diri KITE..
im not sure about other citizen, but from what i see, johorian yg selalu ckp kte (if the person is not using AKU la)
when I'm using AKU terase kekok sedikit...but now...,

a few years ago, a friend of mine exhorted me, and she was so weird with my SAYA word...
"eh mas ckp SAYA???rase mcm plik plak org ckp SAYA ni..."
"erk, plik ke???I'm using SAYA instead of AKU (if the person I'm talking with is a girl)"
some of my girlfriends laughed at me at that time...
uhh whattheinsect slh ke gune SAYA
now, im used to use AKU because of that laughing!!!!
but I will not forget my late dad lesson...

I need to use SAYA n AKU at the correct place with the correct person...
but personally i like to use SAYA...
SAYA is better kn!!!