Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3rd IASS: What is that????

What is IASS??

My friends asked me, whenever I told them that I'm (apparently WAS) IASS' committee member.

What is IASS mean actually??

It's a short form from International Agriculture Student Symposium.
It's a program where all the agriculture students from various countries gather and discuss current issues of agriculture in the world, what actually happen in agriculture sector currently. 
This program is organised by 100% of agriculture students from Faculty of Agriculture, UPM.

Here, few articles regarding the 3rd IASS :)

This is just introduction of 3rd IASS
I will update what had happened from 1st day of this program

Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's take 5 with Aiman Azlan

I'm pretty sure you guys have watched this video before (if you are one of the Aiman Azlan's fans).
yeah, I'm one of his' fans. 
I like the way he gives his advises. 
Teens like me can accept the advice easily. 
Take 5 is sort of 5 minutes video which is 5 questions will be answered by Aiman

Let's watch this video. 

he's funny sometimes but the way he talks is very acceptable :)
find more video of Aiman Azlan @aimanazlan90 

Friday, January 6, 2012

22th Birthday

How should I write...hmm, I'm turning 22 years old already. nothing much surprises happen today. Only normal wishes from friends and family.. though I'm getting older, I'm very glad that God still loves me. He gives chance to live the life.. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. syukur nikmat. 

the only thing I want right now is a cake.. otl its has been a long time I didn't eat cake. I wish someone could give me a cake as my birthday present. I'm craving cake right now.
                                                 (OMG!!I WANT THIS!!UMAIIIIIIII!!!!!)

Guys, thanks a lot for the wishes. I'm very touching today. some of my friends wished birthday on the road. otl you guys..i love you <3

my sister said this to me: UMO DA SEMAKIN MENINGKAT, BILE NK KWEN??
OMG!!! I cannot get marry until i finish up my study okeyh!!!
If not, JPA will call off my agreement. they will draw my scholar!!
DUIT is much more IMPORTANT than marriage right now!! XD

nothing much to write, lets sing birthday song with me guys, but this Korean version of birthday song..